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For businesses with existing servers, co-location hosting offers customers a reliable way to manage their servers, by taking advantage of the Skyway Networks' data center infrastructure, while realizing a significant cost savings. As many organizations have discovered, constructing an in-house data center requires a large outlay in cash — in infrastructure, staffing, and training costs. The Skyway Networks' co-location hosting service puts cash, that would have otherwise been inefficiently spent on such a scenario, back in your organization's pocket where it can best be used for growing your business.

What Is Co-location Hosting?
Fundamentally, co-location hosting provides each customer with secure rack space, for locating their server(s) and related network equipment, within the Skyway Networks data center. Included within the co-location hosting service is the necessary Internet bandwidth, backup power, security, and climate controls that are optimized for your equipment's needs. Co-location hosting is a great turn-key service for organizations that would have otherwise had to commit their cash resources toward an expensive in-house data center build-out. For organizations with an existing data center, it also offers a practical means to decrease your monthly operating costs. Co-location hosting customers have full control over their equipment and physical access to perform equipment maintenance, additions, or other changes, as needed.

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