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Zimbra Email Service

Skyway Networks offers enterprise-grade email hosting services based on the Zimbra Professional platform. Zimbra employs an assortment of open source technologies that guarantees no vendor lock-in, making it a viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Customers have a variety of flexible options for accessing their email, calendars, address books, and task lists in addition to even more ways to collaborate with their co-workers. Customer email accounts are always setup with a domain name of each customer's choice, for example: Any domain name (e.g. is compatible with Zimbra. Or, if you would like assistance with registering a new domain name, Skyway Networks can help you with that too.

For simplicity, the Zimbra email service is available in two service tiers from Skyway Networks: Advanced & Basic.

The Advanced service tier, available for $3 per month per mailbox, offers all of the best technology that Zimbra & Skyway Networks has to offer. The Advanced service is ideal for customers looking for a means to easily collaborate with co-workers with its ability to readily share any resource (mailboxes, calendars, address books, task lists) with others. It's also perfect for customers that are on the go & need quick and convenient access to their mailboxes, calendars, and address books from wherever they are, using their phone or tablet. Available as an add-on option, the Advanced service tier also supports archiving & legal discovery features for corporate & government compliance needs.

The Basic service tier, available for $1.50 per month per mailbox, is ideal for customers looking for a robust email service who may not need all of the features of the Advanced service tier, and rather value flexible options for accessing their email accounts from any computer, phone, or tablet. Many customers whom start with the Basic service tier tend to grow into the Advanced service tier, as their needs increase over time, offering an easy, no-hassle upgrade path which can be done within minutes.

Does your organization need some mailboxes within the Advanced tier & others within the Basic tier? Mixing and matching email service tiers, even within the same domain name (e.g. is welcome. For your convenience, the following comparison chart illustrates the specific feature differences between the Advanced & Basic service tiers.

Feature Advanced
Pricing $3 per month per mailbox $1.50 per month per mailbox
Syncs email, contacts, calendar items, & tasks between Microsoft Outlook, other computers, and phones/tablets wirelessly (Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows) Yes No
Supports archiving & legal discovery features Yes - Available As An Add-On Option For $3 additional per month per mailbox No
Support for a Global Address List (GAL) in Outlook. Frequently used for company directories of co-workers' contact information. Yes No
Supports message tagging for easier classification of messages Yes No
Supports email conversation view, for grouping email discussions into message threads. Useful for seeing all messages sent/received for a particular discussion in one place. Yes No
Enables sharing of mailboxes, calenders, address books, task lists, briefcases (online file storage) with others. Frequently used for group calendaring needs or sharing Inboxes with co-workers. Yes No
Supports searching not only email messages, but also the contents of email file attachments Yes No
Can render a preview of file attachments inside of HTML email messages without the need to open attachments to view their contents Yes No
Includes simple, but powerful visual search tool in the Zimbra web mail. This makes it easy to quickly narrow in on just the message you're looking for by specifying multiple criteria using a visual format. Yes No
Continuous, real-time mailbox backups included, which are able to restore a mailbox to any point in time within the time frame of available backups Yes Yes
All interaction with the Zimbra email servers is encrypted using high-grade 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption keeping your login information & mailbox data safe from eavesdroppers, even when using otherwise open Internet connections to access your Zimbra email account (Wi-Fi at hotels, coffee shops, etc.) Yes Yes
Support for receiving/sending 128-bit SSL/TLS encrypted messages from/to outside email addresses (non-Skyway Networks customers) Yes Yes
S/MIME support available Yes No
Includes full featured web mail, accessible from any modern web browser, which can optionally be used to replace conventional email clients (e.g. Outlook) Yes Yes
Web mail (accessed via a web browser) includes address book and calendar support Yes Yes
Web mail (accessed via a web browser) includes task list and briefcase (online file storage) support Yes No
Includes Zimbra Desktop, which can optionally be installed on any PC or Mac and used to replace conventional email clients (e.g. Outlook, Mac Mail) Yes Yes
Skyway Networks Exclusive: Includes highly accurate anti-spam & anti-virus/malware protection from email-based threats Yes Yes
Skyway Networks Exclusive: Includes protection against zero-day email-based threats. All executable content is removed from each inbound message. Ideal for threats that anti-virus software cannot yet detect. Yes Yes
Skyway Networks Exclusive: Includes anti-spam control panel for customizing spam filtering preferences per mailbox. Yes Yes
Disk space included. Additional disk space available in 1 gigabyte increments for $1 per month per gigabyte added. 1 Gigabyte 1 Gigabyte
Unlimited free email aliases. Aliases are special email addresses that only forward mail. Yes Yes
Unlimited free distribution lists. A distribution list assigns an email address to a group of contacts. Sending a message to the distribution list address automatically copies the msesage to all recipients on the list. Yes Yes
Technical support available via email Yes Yes
Technical support available via phone Yes Yes
IMAP4 and POP3 mailbox access available from any computer, phone, or tablet Yes Yes
Open standards support: CardDAV (Address Book), CalDAV (Calendar) access from any computer, phone, or tablets Yes Yes