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Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, And Instant Messaging, Simplified.

Introducing Zimbra Connect Pro, from Skyway Networks. An all-in-one, secure video calling, screen sharing, and instant messaging service, integrated right in to your mailbox. Zimbra Connect Pro is a budget-friendly add-on service available for use with any of our Platinum, Gold, or Silver email service plans for just $1.44 per mailbox per month, with no term commitment.

Video Conferencing

Conduct both 1-to-1 video calls and group video conferencing in HD (high-definition), with:

  • No software to be installed.
  • No accounts to be created.
  • No settings to tinker with.
  • No learning curve.
  • No time limits per meeting.
  • No limits on the number of meetings per month.

Our secure video calling service uses Internet standards (WebRTC) already built-in to your favorite modern web browser, along with assured privacy using government-grade encryption (TLS 1.2 with AES 256-bit encryption). All you need to get started is:

  • A Webcam Or Microphone
  • A Supported Web Browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari)
  • An Internet Connection

Call participants have no messy plug-ins to install or accounts to set up, just to join a call. This is well suited for:

  • Corporate Use
    • Office Workers
    • Working From Home/Telecommuting
    • Road Warriors
  • Personal Use
    • Calls With Family & Friends

Screen Sharing

Easily share your computer's screen during any video call. Within a call, you will have the option to share:

  • Your Entire Screen. Multiple Monitors Are Supported Too.
  • Just A Single App Window

During a call, toggling back and forth between a screen share and a live video stream of you, from your webcam, requires just two mouse clicks. Screen sharing is supported natively in the Mozilla Firefox web browser (no plug-ins required), and by Google Chrome (with a freely available plug-in).

Instant Messaging

Cell phone texting is everywhere, and many would agree that it is a killer app on any phone, but it:

  • Lacks privacy and security.
  • Does not work on devices without a cellular connection.
  • Makes it challenging to easily review earlier conversations in an organized manner.
  • Does not always work as expected with group texting across cell carriers.

Zimbra Connect Pro addresses these shortcomings with its secure Instant Messaging features, accessible from any computer, phone, or tablet. Send and receive texts with anyone in your organization using a Zimbra account, regardless of where they are located, or which device they are using. Skyway Networks includes 1-to-1 Instant Messaging for free with all of our Platinum, Gold, or Silver email service plans. Zimbra Connect Pro adds support for:

  • Group Texting
  • Switching From A Text-Only Conversation To A Video Call With Just One Mouse Click

Zimbra Connect Pro automatically keeps track of your coversation history. View a prior conversation by clicking the name of the person or group the texts were originally sent to for a chronological record of the coversation.

Corporate-Friendly Features

Zimbra Connect Pro introduces corporate-friendly features such as Instant Messaging controls for:

  • Persistent, invite-only online spaces for an organization's teams to easily and securely stay in touch.
  • Categorization of Instant Messaging conversations in to channels dedicated to a particular topic or organization group.
  • Flexibility to re-assign people between Instant Messaging channels as job responsibilities change over time.
  • Meeting compliance requirements with automatic encryption (TLS 1.2 with AES 256-bit encryption) of all messaging.
  • User presence and message delivery/read awareness.

Video Calling And Instant Messaging, In Your Pocket

Included with Zimbra Connect Pro are free apps for your phone or tablet, including Android and Apple devices. With the app installed on your device, you can:

  • Start or continue ongoing 1-to-1 or group Instant Messaging conversations with anyone in your organization, regardless if they are on a computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Switch from an Instant Messaging conversation to a video call with just one finger tap.
  • Receive notifications (sound or vibration) when someone posts a new message to one of your conversations.


With so many Emojis to choose from for your Instant Messages, Zimbra Connect Pro even has its own search by Emoji feature. For example, search for "happy" and a list of all of the related Emojis appears.